About Us

About Us

Edward Byers

Welcome! I’m Ed Byers, the Founder of CANRev Collaborative. In my 15+ years of association and NFP experience, I have created over $20M in new revenue through sponsorship & partnerships, creation of education programs, membership drives, events, fundraising, advertising and products and service enhancements. I am excited to help you identify and execute on new areas of growth to meet your strategic objectives!

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To create a space where Charities, Associations and Not-for-Profits can collaborate with industry to make an impact!

Our Mission

To be the best at helping Charities, Associations and Not-for-Profits earn more money so they can increase their impact!

Core Values

We are committed to delivering exceptional services and products based on integrity, respect, inclusion, open mindedness and a willingness to learn!

Discount up to 25% for new member.

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Meet Our Team

Alexandra Cuc

Project Coordinator

Keshav Sharma

Business Development Manager

Jenny Hastie

Marketing Coordinator

Tara Bernard

Creative Director